Peek a Boo Baby | How It Works

At Peek A Boo Baby we provide our customers with an easy 4 step process to get your appointment scheduled and in no time you will be sharing your images and experience with family and friends.

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Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your appointment at one of our locations and decide on a 2D or 3D/4D Imaging session with one of our trained Ultrasound Technologists. You can book an appointment at a location that works for you and your family. All visits are with our trained Sonographer and includes baby's gender assessment, listen to the baby's heart beat, full scan of the baby, free access to an online portal where you can share images online with family and friends, secure social media accounts and create an online timeline of your babies development and journey. You can choose between three scanning options. The first option is $150 and you will receive 3D/4D images (20 weeks and beyond). The second option is $95 and you will receive 2D images (20 weeks and beyond). The third option is $75 and you will receive 2D images (less than 20 weeks)


2D or 3D / 4D Imaging

We provide you with an opportunity to decide between a 2D or 3D/4D imaging session. Sessions range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes in duration. You will need to provide our booking agent with the appropriate information during the time you schedule your appointment. Be sure to inform them of which option you want to book.

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Setup A Peek A Boo Baby Account

After your imaging session has been completed you can then create your own Peek A Boo Baby account. We can also create your account for you and send you the Username and Password details. Once your account is created we will upload your images onto your account so that you can start sharing them with your Family and Friends.


View & Share Your Images

Once your images have been taken and your Peek A Boo Baby account has been created you can now start sharing your images with Family and Friends. Your account allows you to add additional images and milestones to your timeline. The Peek A Boo Baby application allows you to customize your timeline however you want. You can save your child's username and password to their Social Media accounts which you have created so it is waiting and ready for them when they are ready to use it.